The Secrets of Emberwild

About the Book

The Secrets of Emberwild

“Saddle up for a ride you won’t want to end.”

Jocelyn Green, Christy Award–winning author of Drawn by the Current


A gifted trainer in a time women are not allowed to race, Nora Fenton prefers horses to men. They’re easier to handle, they’re more reliable, and they never tell her what to do. After her father’s passing, Nora is determined to save her struggling horse farm, starting with entering her prize colt into the harness races at the 1905 Mississippi Fair. If she wins, she may have a chance at independence. But when a stranger arrives and starts asking disconcerting questions, she suspects he may have other motives than unseating her in the training job that is rightfully hers.


Silas Cavallero will do whatever it takes to solve the mystery of his father’s death—even if it means training an unwieldy colt for Nora, who wants nothing more than to see him gone. But when mysterious accidents threaten their safety and circumstances shrouded in secrets begin unlocking clues to his past, Silas will have to decide if the truth is worth risking ruining everything for the feisty woman he’s come to admire.

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“A spirited woman ahead of her time makes this well-paced novel in an extraordinary setting shine. Rife with suspense and romance, The Secrets of Emberwild is as much history as mystery—and a horse lover’s dream!”—Laura Frantz, Christy Award–winning author of A Heart Adrift

“Stephenia H. McGee is a master at writing Southern charm and historic detail, and she’s outdone herself with The Secrets of Emberwild. This is one for the keeper shelf!”—Misty M. Beller, USA Today bestselling author of the Brides of Laurent series

"Saddle up for a ride you won't want to end. This story of secrets and second chances is full of everything I love: fully developed characters, a well-drawn plot, and a pace that's just right, whether it's trotting through unfolding revelations or galloping through the climax to the end. Stephenia H. McGee writes with both authority and heart. She's an author I trust for historical integrity and a captivating tale every time." —Jocelyn Green, Christy Award-winning author of Drawn by the Current

"In her book The Secrets of Emberwild, Stephenia H. McGee will enchant readers as they discover a bygone era filled with mystery, romance, and realistic characters. Her masterful ability at creating stories will have readers searching out her books for years to come." —Dawn Crandall, award-winning author of The Hesitant Heiress and The Everstone Chronicles series

"Reminiscent of Gone with the Wind, The Whistle Walk paints a vivid picture of America at the start of the War Between the States. The treatment of slaves, the economic conditions of the South, the concerns of the soldiers on both sides were brought to life in this breathtaking novel.”

— Christine Sharbrough, The Christian Manifesto

"It is obvious that McGee knows the time period, etiquette standards, building structures, food offerings, and much more. The Civil War atmosphere is very much present and I was reminded of the novel, Gone with the Wind, in quality of the writing and content."

— Susan Faloon, The Christian Manifesto

"It is beautifully told, exquisitely crafted, examining the harsh realities of slavery while allowing one to see the fire of hope and courage. It also shows the kindness and compassion of a young white lady expected to act as others yet yearning to change those expectations. It is realistic and sometimes heartbreaking yet it delivers a message of hope, love and faith against all odds and in all circumstance and it does this to absolute perfection! Bravo Ms. McGee!"

— In'Dtale Magazine


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