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"Reminiscent of Gone with the Wind, The Whistle Walk paints a vivid picture of America at the start of the War Between the States. The treatment of slaves, the economic conditions of the South, the concerns of the soldiers on both sides were brought to life in this breathtaking novel.”

— Christine Sharbrough, The Christian Manifesto

"It is obvious that McGee knows the time period, etiquette standards, building structures, food offerings, and much more. The Civil War atmosphere is very much present and I was reminded of the novel, Gone with the Wind, in quality of the writing and content."

— Susan Faloon, The Christian Manifesto

"It is beautifully told, exquisitely crafted, examining the harsh realities of slavery while allowing one to see the fire of hope and courage. It also shows the kindness and compassion of a young white lady expected to act as others yet yearning to change those expectations. It is realistic and sometimes heartbreaking yet it delivers a message of hope, love and faith against all odds and in all circumstance and it does this to absolute perfection! Bravo Ms. McGee!"

— In'Dtale Magazine


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